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Club Ciclista Pinar de Campoverde - Cycling in Pinar de Campoverde, Cycling in Pilar de la Horadada, Cycling on the Orihuela Costa, a safe supportive and friendly club to bicycle with around the Orihuela Costa Alicante.

Would you like to meet connect and ride with fellow residents or visitors of Pinar de Campoverde in Pilar de la Horadada on the Orihuela Costa?
Would you like to help us build a Club?

We are in the early stages of building the club and seek to make our website a focal point for the cyclists of Pinar de Campoverde & Pilar de la Horadada therefore we welcome your input. Whilst the Orihuela Costa roads are full of cyclists of all kinds there is a real lack of information on where they meet at what times and which routes they take, this can make meeting like-minded souls very difficult when you first land.

Read our blog "A year in Campoverde"
We hope to be able to document as much of this as possible in one handy resource, again we will welcome any suggestions or information that you have. We aim to be inclusive of all types of riders from any background whether a visitor to Campoverde or a Resident, any nationality or Gender is welcomed to ride.

Our Club Plans

We hope to make this club as inclusive as possible for all abilities and levels of cycling all nationalities welcomed. We will have 3 levels of abilities to start with:

Cycling for Softies
Mid Peleton     
Racing Snakes  

There is no obligation to move through the groups the main idea being enjoyment of the bicycle and to explore the beautiful surroundings of Pinar de Campoverde, however should you wish to progress thats great as well.

All rides will involve a coffee break, no coffee no cycling!
It is advisable that all riders have at least 3rd party insurance, whilst we aim to make these rides as safely as possible and the routes have all been tested by us all rides are undertaken at the riders own risk.

Hondon des Frailes

Cycling for Softies


This group is aimed at the beginner or the rider that simply likes to pootle along tranquilo!

This will be a no drop ride where the group will stay together.

We will use flat roads wherever possible.

Max about 15KPH.

Max 50K distance.


Mid Peleton

Medium Rider

These rides are for the medium rider who has built up some speed and endurance.

This will be a no drop ride where we will stay together.

We will ventura out into some more challenging countryside.

Max 15 - 25KPH.

Max 110K distance.

Road Markers

Racing Snakes


These rides are for the rider who enjoys and is capable of riding in a fast group

As we will be mixing with other groups it may be possible for you to be left behind so you should be independant in your repair and navigation skills.

We will be going into the hills or long fast stretches.

Max 20 - 35KPH.

Max 150K distance.

San Javier

Fabulous Sights

San Javier


Great Riding

Wendy Riding

Vista Bella Embalse

Spectacular Roads

Vista Bella

Road Sign

Great Weather

Most of the time

Our Social Plans

Sociability is part of our clubs ethos in future we would like to arrange some sociable events to enhance the club.

These will be in the form of:

Multi-Day extended rides
Trips to participate in a sportive
Family meals out
Watch cycling films
Seasonal festivities (Xmas)
Any suggestions

It is advisable that all riders have at least 3rd party insurance, whilst we aim to make these rides as safely as possible and the routes have all been tested by us all rides are undertaken at the riders own risk.


Trip to Sportives

Gran Fondo Sportives

There are many great Spanish Sportives all these rides are much better for riding with a group of friends!

La Alpujarra Magna Gran Fondo

La Indomable


Mallorca 312


Local Sportives


There are many local Sportives that we can enter as a team or as individuals we are currently collecting together a list of these.


Multi Day cycling trips.




Social Events

Play together stay together

Club nights at a local bar

Xmas dinner

Club dinner and dance

Cycling film night

Coffee stops of course